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My journey

I grew up in France in a family of animal lovers. My parents helped my sister and I to try news things like sports, art, music, etc. Naturally horseback riding was a “thing to try” and it was a disaster for me! I still remember crying before trying it and the bruises from so many falls. I hated it! I was so afraid. However not everyone was scared. One of my sisters became so addicted that she began to compete in show jumping. As a supporter I honored her by grooming her horse or walking her horse before or after the competitions. This is when my relationship with horses began to change.

One day my sister got a horse, Espoir. He became my best friend. Trying to communicate on the ground with him became my happy place and I started to do the same with every animal around me. The more time I spent with them, the more it became clear to me. I wanted to spend my life with horses. They are my healers.

So my journey began.

2008-2011: France

My first training for horsemanship and horseback riding coach license were acquired in France. This was a stronger time of my life where I learned all the basics of a healthy education and relationship skills with your horse and yourself! I discovered how to talk to my horse with body language and energy. I began to increase my awareness and learned to observe every being around me, including myself. Christelle Bentitou became my mentor.


One of my dreams was “traveling and working with horses”

2011-2012: New Caledonia.

I worked as a groom and a rider for young horses for a private jumping stable on the beautiful island of New Caledonia. 

2012-2016: Australia.

Mainly I worked for Chris Weymouth and Deborah Lampard. It was a private stable with a few different types of horses (dressage, jumping, cross country, and trail riding, but always through horsemanship style).

I got the opportunity to take so many wonderful classes from Ricky MacMillan (international dressage judge). I also had the good fortune to attend some very eye opening clinics:

- Warwick Schiller (horsemanship)

- Manolo Mendez (dressage trainer for wellness)

- Double Dan (horsemanship)

- Matt Archibald (dressage rider)

- Mel Fleming (horsemanship)

It was a fantastic time where I discovered so many different types of training and various points of view. It was also during this time where I started to practice yoga. Practicing yoga started to help me to connect more to my body and my own energy without the presence of horses.

2016-2018: Spain and beyond

I was based in Spain but I traveled everywhere in Europe plus the United States, Hong-Kong, and Qatar. It was during this time that I had the incredible chance to work for Santi Serra Camps. He is an unusual artist who manages to establish a truly unique relationship with his animals. He is an international showman that creates dreamlike liberty shows with horses, dogs and even raptors at times.

I assisted with the training of each being (liberty, riding, dressage, jumping, outside trail, beach training, swimming with horses, etc.…), grooming, driving the truck to the next show, managing the stable, etc. It was an incredible experience to be involved in the show world and the TV world as well (mostly advertising). There were so many different types of animals like alpacas, wolves, zebras, and more. It was a powerful time where I learned so much through liberty and respecting each personality of the different beings. I even bonded with the strongest one through a friendly, respectful and playful game. Of course I gained so much knowledge about traveling in the world with horses.

2018-2019: India

This was THE year where I discovered yoga deeper through my first 200 hour yoga teacher training in India with vinyasa yoga. This was a trip that opened my eyes into myself, my body, and my soul. The connection between yoga and horsemanship became logical for me!

How can you ask your horse to be light, flexible, strong, connected, and not be a quarter of that yourself?

The experience brought many more questions to mind, like: Why is horseback riding the only sport where no one stretches their body or focuses their mind before starting to practice it? Why are we only “warming up” the horse or stretching the horse at the end? Why is the horse the only one who should piaffe, run a long time or jump high? Are you able to do at least quarter of what you ask of your horse?

It was on this part of my journey that yoga and meditation entered my lifestyle. This powerful traveling experience is also where I met my future husband, Brent Walton.

2019-2020: Czech Republic

The last year of my traveling journey took me to the Czech Republic where I worked for Alizee Froment. She is a wonderful French rider who excels in dressage at the international level. She shows some incredible dressage bridleless and bareback “Prix St. Georges” level with her incredible stallion Mistral du Cassoulet.

I multitasked during this time by grooming, riding, helping with liberty and the education of the 15 stallions that we had over there. I also was a driver and the groom in a show for Alizee, assisted with groundwork for high level dressage (piaffe, passage, etc) and was the right hand woman of the manager of the stable. It was incredibly fulfilling during this year to learn intensely about stallions attitudes and high level dressage horses.

2020-2022: Utah in USA

I got a fiancé visa to enter the United States in March 2020. Just prior to that my husband and I went on a “pre-honeymoon” for 3 ½ weeks in Bali. This is another yoga capital in the world! I spent this time expanding my personal training with yoga and meditation. I obtained another 200 hour yoga teacher training with Salt Lake Power Yoga in Salt Lake City and a 100 hour meditation teacher training as well.

Utah was a wonderful state where I had met many magical people. Together we  build projects around horses, yoga, meditation, clinics, private classes, etc. 

Really grateful of each being ! and specially to HM Encender, aka Sparky, a strong and beautiful Arabian stallion who is on each on my picture in this website. He was completely “green” at 5 years old now through our transformational journey he became my partner to demonstrate my perspective when I was in Utah. Thanks to Jerri Fuhriman (Sparky’s owner and breeder) for her trust and support during this time. 

February 2022: New adventure in Massachusetts!   

Life is such a journey! Here we are at Belchertown in Massachusetts. My beautiful husband, Brent, and I purchase a horse property! A majestic 81 hectares of paradise, surrounding by family. 

Today with this new opportunity, I wish to create an peaceful area to welcome horse lover, creating retreat/ clinic/ private classes around horses and yoga, creating an Airbnb with horses and yoga experience . 

I will also keep going to travel, nationally and internationally, to give classes/clinic a bit everywhere !

My vision is to help horses and people through my business Clairly Differently. Each of us are unique beings (both, people and horses!) It is a mindfulness education which includes positive energy, intention, letting go, body awareness and so much more! It’s not just “how to educate the horse”, as much as it is about how to build awareness, understanding and a true love for your horse and yourself!

“ let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it.”

Below this paragraph you can find different options I am able to offer. 

Through this option, I am able to come to you ( National or International) or you are welcome to visit me.

We are located at 

Liberty Woods , Clairly Differently Stables 

111 federal street, Belchertown 01007 MA 

Horse cl​asses

 1.5 hours per session.

At Clairly Differently Stables

Private Class $75 

Semi private class $60

Each classes include Grooming/ Tacking/ Ground work and Riding.

Learn about horse language, Bring awareness to your own energy and intention, deep understanding of creating a relationship with horses and yourself. 

Our horse school teacher are open soul ready to help you to learn from any age and any level, completely beginner to advance rider.

Our Clairly Differently Stable is a really quiet space to enjoy nature.  

Your welcome to come with your own horse as well.

I also can come to your property and help you with your own horse. Contact me directly for price and scheduling.

Schedule open as convenient 

week to weekend/ 8 am to 8 pm

, contact me directly for more details.


Horse training

Option to board at Clairly Differently Stables 

or I can come to your property.

Option 1 time per week/ month up to 5 times per week/ month.

price depending on the location of your horse. 

You have some issue with your horse, or a rescue horse with some trauma, or a young horse who need some education. 

I can help you ! 


schedule open as convenient

week to weekend/ 8am to 8pm

contact me directly for more details and schedule


Yoga Classes

1 hour private or group

on demand


Vinyasa flow is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in mind and body. 

“Emotion is created by motion. Whatever you’re feeling right now is related to how you’re using your body.” Tony Robbins 

Option of workshop with yoga and horses !


contact me directly


Kids Horsemanship Classes

Learn to observe horse language,  how to take care of them, how to manage your emotion. 

Grooming and tacking will be a part of this time,

 followed by some ground work , 

and of course some riding with respect, using your energy and intention.

Start at 4 years old with 1 h = $50 private class

up to 1h30min for 6 years old and plus = $75 private class

also semi private classes available

schedule open as convenient

week to weekend/ from 8am to 8pm 

contact me directly to schedule it 



 1 or 2 or 3 days.

On demand

Clinic will be driving around how to talk to your horse on the ground and riding. it will be discovering what is behind "technique" how to bring awareness around your own body, your own energy. 

contact me directly

Please call or text me for more details 



Clairly Diferrently Stables 

111 federal street 

Belchertown 01007


Check out the facebook group, click on the link below

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